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This highly practical and interactive training Program will enable account managers to understand the principles and techniques of solution selling – and most important of all be able to apply solution selling tools, which will enable them to become more effective in a variety of direct and indirect sales situations.

We begin by examining the difference between selling solutions and commodities enabling account managers to understand these key differences and increase the parts of their own approach to become more solution orientated. Next we examine an approach towards being customer centric, which enables account managers to see the different phases that people go through when they decide to change a product or a system. Having this understanding of customer centred selling enables account managers to be more strategic, more planned and more effective in their overall approach.

We end the training by looking at how to sell benefits more effectively, how to handle objections, how to close and then finally how to track and maintain excellent relationships with customers.

The training is supported by frequent practical exercises and role plays and is underpinned by an innovative approach towards action planning which helps every delegate to capture information in the moment and then transfer it into work later.


This training event promises to be enjoyable, interactive and aims to help every one of your account managers to get better results.


Solutions Selling

Distinguishing Solution Selling Selling from Commodity Selling

Understanding importance of Needs in Solution Selling

Implied needs & explicit needs

Introduction to Customer Perspectives

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Understand the difference between selling solutions and selling commodities.
2.Be thoroughly aware of the different phases involved in changing a product or system and how this awareness influences my approach.
3.To use an established structure for face to face meetings and this works consistently for me every time.
4.To use the XD Cam structure for face to face meetings, I understand it, use it well and it is helpful to me.
5.Put together a solid “return on investment” story, on the spot, for a customer and this helps me in sales situations.
6.Feel comfortable, adept and persuasive when presenting the benefits of my companies products.
7.Have a structure for handling objections on the telephone.
8.Have a structure for handling objections face to face.
9.Feel comfortable and adept in my handling of telephone objections.
10.Feel comfortable and adept in my structure for handling face to face objections.
11.Understand the main closing techniques and I use them regularly to great effect.

12.Confident in my closing abilities. My tracking and maintenance of clients is systematic and works well for me.


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

What is Solution Selling?

The Customer Journey

Structured Selling with XDCAM

Advanced Questioning Skills

Building ROI stories

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

The Solution Selling Benefits

Building the Agreement Staircase

Overcoming Objections

- Emotional
- Genuine Disadvantages
- Rational
Successful Closing

Tracking for success

Personal Action Planning

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