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The last years have seen a frightening collapse of the world’s

financial system. We all remember the last recession too well, and we know the next one will surely come at some point. In a recession, money is scarce and getting scarcer. Companies trading through these challenging times need to prepare themselves – and fast! Periodically, the world faces negative growth, deflation, falling property prices and rising unemployment. In a recession, there are winners and losers. Many businesses fail. So we must prepare. We must prepare our sales managers and sales teams. Provide them with the skills they need to win business in this new environment.


DOOR are delivering a seminar which will enable you to rad SELLING IN THE RECESSION. We will show you how your company can actually prosper in times of recession as a result of you implementing the steps learned during these seminars.


Selling in the recession

What business we are in, what are we selling

“Recession busting Products”

The Elevator Pitch

Core Capabilities & Skills Checker

Competitive Standards

Areas of Competitive Advantage

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Differentiate between Leaders' ,  Buyers’ and Staff attitudes in good times and challenging times
2.Identifying recession busting products
3.Do Your elevator pitch in the recession
4.Know your skills

5.Recognize the standards in a recession


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

When Things Slow Down

Decision Making Changes

Six Months is the New Long Term

During a Recession Customers Buy Professionalism

Excellent Product Knowledge

Longer Hours

Competitive Attitude

Time Becomes Even Shorter

Price Becomes More Important Than Value

Different Skills Are Needed

Absolute Professionalism


Rule Breaker

Close Fast

Flushing Out Objections

Where Does The Power Go

Understand What Business You Are In

Recession Busting Producting

The Elevator Pitch

Selling In The Recession Key Competencies

Competitive Standards

Areas Of Competitive Advantage


Personal Action Planning

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