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How do you build your sales plans?

How do you engage everyone in the sales planning process?

What tools do you use to help you build a robust sales plan?

Target Group

If you are involves in sales planning and forecasting, then this Program is designed for you to reflect on your existing sales planning process, learn from the best practice of global and local organisations and practically implement improvements.


Like all DOOR Trainings, this Program is interactive, highly participative and engaging for people who have a passion for improving their sales planning and forecasting. We challenge participants to share what works well, and



Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1. Sales Forecasting Process and Systems

2. Collaborative Planning & Forecasting

3. Sales & Operations Planning Process

4. Data Analysis & Data Treatment

5. Forecasting Metrics & How to Calculate Them

6. How to Communicate and Sell Forecasts to End-Users

7. Benchmark Surveys and How to Use Them


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Rationale for Sales Planning & Forecasting

Collaborative Sales Planning

Sales & Operational Planning

Planning with Other Functions

Cause & Effect

Data Analysis

Sales Data Generation

Lead, Lag & In-Time Indicators

Supporting Data

Forecasting Metrics

Useful Metrics

Your Organisational Requirements

Communication & Scoreboards

Using Surveys & Benchmarking

Communication Planning

Action Planning & Commitments

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