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This intensive, highly practical and enjoyable session provides an introduction to sales for people who are not directly involved in selling. It is aimed at support staff, technicians, back office staff – anybody who is involved in the provision of a product or solution or service to a client – but not involved in the actual sales transaction.


The training course consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction and  practical exercises, largely geared toward your own day-to-day work situation!


Introduction and objectives

Defining selling

Who is involved in selling?

The role of non-sales people in selling

Our attitude and sales

Building a commercially focused culture

Understanding traditional sales techniques

The process of a sale, from identification of a need – through to fulfilment and payment and after sales

The knowledge, skills and attributes required by sales people

How selling crosses over into our own roles

How to communicate effectively with customers

How to identify opportunities

What to do with an opportunity once you have identified it

Action planning

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Understand the sales process – and see how it applies in your own and other businesses .
2.Identify opportunities with clients – and know what to do with these opportunities
3.Support account managers – so that they can add value to contracts

4.Understand the different decision makers involved in the contact – so that they know how best to communicate with those people.


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

Defining Solution Selling

What is Selling?

Define distinction between Implied and Explicit needs

The Customer Perception Pyramid

Customer Buying Cycle

Questioning Skills

Benefit Selling using FAB

Building An Agreement Staircase

Objection Handling

Rapport Building Skills

Personal Action Planning

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