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Distributors enable you to contact and service an enormous number of customers. Without Distributors you would need to hire more account managers, acquire additional offices and invest in more resources.

There is no doubt that Distributors help us to broaden our customer base, increase our sales and provide a better service. Distributors also carry some of the risk involved in dealing with customers.

So the way that we communicate with, engage, build relationships with and work with our Distributors is essential.

If we are good at working with our distribution partners – then we will drive the business forward and enjoy mutual success.


The training course consists of continuous sequences of explanation, interaction and practical exercise.


The importance of the distributor

Pareto's Law - The 80 / 20 Rule

The big question - Are you making the most of your distributors?

Why you should arrange regular channel reviews

Analysing distributor performance - financial and non-financial

Agreeing where you are and where you want to go

Providing solutions

Support services

Developing an action plan

Engaging the channel

Partnering for progress - your role in their future

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Understand the role of the Distributor more fully.
2.Business plan with Distributors.
3.Consider their approach when dealing with Distributors and develop it and refine it so that it becomes a competitive advantage.
4.Carry out effective channel business reviews.
5.Analyse channel performance.
6.Look at ways of developing the Distributor business – and move it forward.

7.Deal with problems and challenges with Distributors more effectively. 


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

The role of the distributor

What value do we get from dealers?

How do they help us achieve our business goals?

How much revenue do they generate?

What activities do they do that we don’t?

How does this help us?

Where do they compliment us?

Where do we work well together?

What are my Channel challenges?

Service, Brand and Reputation

New Business Development

Managing High end customers

Managing Lower end customers

‘What do I want to achieve?’

Where are we now

Where are we going

How will we get there

How will we know when we have arrived

Profiling your dealers

The Champion, a Prodigy, a team player, an Apprentice

Different approaches for the different characters on the matrix

Dealer reviews

Problem solving


Driving Performance

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

Understanding a dealers business

Running a dealer review



Reminder of the plan

Discussion of challenges

Exploring options



Any other business

Next steps

Problem solving and providing solutions

Engagement techniques

Elevator pitch exercise

New business exercise

Personal Action Planning

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