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Confident you have the right people to ride the recession?

Attracting and retaining people for key roles is one of the most difficult business challenges to overcome. In a recession there is an even higher pressure to get selection decisions right first time. There is no budget for mistakes. DOOR Feedback has been successfully helping market-leading organizations with their assessment information and processes for over 10 years. We are experts at it!

DOOR Assessment can support you throughout your entire selection cycle

To meet your organization’s needs we offer:

  1. One of the widest ranges of psychometrics

  2. Assessment center design and delivery

  3. Competency framework design and implementation

  4. Training on selection techniques, tools and skills

The business benefits of what we do:

  1. Increased hire accuracy rates & reduced recruitment costs

  2. More accurate resourcing forecasting

  3. Higher retention & lower attrition
Increased productivity because of a more engaged workforce

  4. Strengthened pipeline of energized and committed talent

  5. Higher returns on your people investment

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