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360 feedback


360˚ Feedback Surveys gather information about an individual’s performance from a variety of people with whom the individual interacts on a regular basis such as their manager, direct reports, peers, and customers. 360˚ feedback surveys are a well established tool for organizations to:

-       Manage Performance and Development

-       Manage Change or Culture

-       Develop Leaders

-       Link Individual Performance To Corporate Performance

-       Improve Existing Appraisal Processes

Off-the-Shelf 360˚ Feedback

We offer a choice of three ready-made and validated 360˚ feedback surveys (leader, manager and non-manager) that can be set up instantly and provide an option for any level of seniority. Our surveys have been developed using our strong and validated competency framework. Our framework is based on observable behaviors that have been shown to lead to greater personal career success for the individual and enhanced performance for the organization. Our user-friendly platform enables you to view real-time results, manage responses and create individual and team reports.

Bespoke 360˚ Feedback

We also work with organizations that have their own frameworks. We create surveys using your company competencies or our well-researched and proven competency framework. Either way, our experts will help you design the most impactful questions to support your competencies. We will then set up the survey on our platform and you can manage users, results and reports in real time.

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