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Να είναι σε θέση το στέλεχος της επιχείρησης να ανταποκρίνεται σε διαλόγους προφορικούς και γραπτούς ανάλογα με το αντικείμενο που ασχολείται και να διαθέτει τη αντίστοιχη “jargon” προκειμένου να επικοινωνεί αποτελεσματικά.

Που απευθύνεται

People who want to improve a full range of communication skills in order to function more effectively at work (partial list):

Technical Writing
Oral Communication,
English Vocabulary
Accent Reductions
Presentation Skills


  • Telephone
  • Meetings
  • Appointments
  • Flights
  • Presentations:
  • Opening,
  • Body Questions
  • Tips
  • Negotiations
  • Tricky conversations
  • Resolving Difficulties,
  • Asking for a pay rise
  • Difficult Clients
  • Experts
  • Meetings in English
  • Scenario
  • Listening
  • Videos
  • Business Presentations & Public Speaking in English
  • Business Letters in English
  • Letter
  • Memo
  • Fax
  • email
  • Who writes
  • Business to Business
  • Business to consumer
  • Job applicant to company
  • Citizen to government official
  • Employer to employee
  • Staff member to staff member
  • Why to write
  • To persuade
  • To inform
  • To request
  • To express thanks
  • To remind
  • To recommend
  • To apologize
  • To congratulate
  • To reject a proposal or offer
  • To introduce a person or policy
  • To invite or welcome
  • Resumes,
  • CV’s and Covering Letters in English

All of our trainers are career professionals with ten to twenty years of English training experience and teaching diplomas or MA/PhD degree. 

Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (Α.Σ.Ε.Π.)
After the 45 hours training the participants can optionally take the exams in order to obtain the TOEIC which has been recognized and accredited by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) as proof of knowledge of English at the following levels: Basic (405-500), Lower (505-780) and Advanced (785-900):  

(The program may be subsidized by OAED LAEK 0.45%)

At Executive Language Training we are committed to your success!

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