The DOOR ‘Business Acumen Program’ (BAP) is aimed at all professional Account Managers and Sales Representatives. The workshop will raise their entrepreneurial knowledge in such a way that they understand the business of their prospects and customers much better and will therefore be able to respond to their needs and requirements.


For two consecutive days, the local trainers of various countries will deliver a two-day training program for all sales reps involved. The training is aimed at informing the sales reps on all issues related to entrepreneurship, organizational structures and departmental issues. This knowledge transfer can be enhanced by varying the program, for example by inviting guest speakers (i.e. a local financial accountant) and by performing various exercises and assignments.


Profit and non-profit organizations

Legal types of profit organizations: shareholders, limited, family owned, independent

General organizational structures of banks, hospitals, import and wholesale companies, city-hall, retail chains etc.

How to read social reports and balance sheets

How to translate information of social reports into buying motives within companies

Where to get all the prospect / customer information you need

Departments within organizations

Major objectives and responsibilities of various departments

The decision making process

How to create purchase criteria per department

Practical case: hospital, police station and retail chain

(Optional: guest speaker for Q&A on financial issues)

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Are able to translate this mission statement into practice
2.Know the difference between profit and non-profit organizations
3.Know the legal types of organizations
4.Have basic knowledge of general organizational structures
5.Know how to read a social and financial annual report
6.Know how to translate this information into opportunities to advise clients on solutions offered by their company
7.Understand the basic responsibilities of all departments within the organization of the prospect
8.Understand the decision making process within companies

9.Know how to influence the DMU (Decision Making Unit) to advance the sale


Two Days  

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Organizational Structures

Sole Proprietorship



Limited Liability Companies

Participants in Business

Understanding Business Reports

Obtain Operating Funds

Plan the Use of Funds

Invest Capital

Track Progress

Action Planning & Commitments 

Day Two

Welcome Back

Finance Roles and  Accounting Concepts

Finance Roles

Accrual vs. Cash Accounting

Accounting Concepts

Understanding Financial Reports

Users of Financial Information

The Income Statement

The Balance Sheet

Common Size Statements

The Concept of Cash Flow and

The Cash Flow Statement

Improving Bottom-Line Results

Managing Corporate Resources

Controlling Working Capital

Working Capital Cycles

Personal Action Planning

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