A big picture deal is a deal which joins a number of your products and services together to produce a long term, high value solution. A big picture deal could be as little as €20,000 or much as €20 million in size. Normally, however, it will be in the hundreds of thousands or millions in terms of revenue. A big picture deal enables us to partner strategically with a client. So it is a long term solution.

There is no doubt that big picture deals are strategically important. They are long term, they enable you to use your extensive range of products and services and resources. They require you to construct a bespoke, creative and long term solution. So your business’s long term success, is to some extent, dependent upon winning such big picture deals.  Because of this, your return on investment stories will play an important role and need to be carefully considered.


This Program uses a variety of different practical exercises, tools and techniques to enable direct and indirect account managers to be more effective in the big picture deal arena.


Increase customer engagement
Develop long term partnerships
Apply structured approach
Build Sales Skills
Increase profitability
Share success
Build successful teams
Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Understand the role that big picture deals play from a strategic view point
2.Understand the process that clients go through when making a decision about a big picture deal
3.Learn about the people involved in the big picture deal decision
4.Learn how to influence these people more effectively
5.Be more effective in big picture deal situations

6.Win more big picture deals


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Big Picture Deals

What is a Big Picture Deal?

Defining Big Picture Deals

Distinguishing Big Picture Deals from Big Deals

Solution Selling Recap

Recap solution selling

Customer journey cycle

Customer perception pyramid

The Decision Making Units (DMU)

Overview of decision making units

Understanding the different decision making hats

Mapping Clients in Big Picture Deals

Bringing theory to life

Understanding lack of contact with certain elements of the decision making unit

Graphical mapping

Mapping a decision making unit

Understanding different levels of decision making unites

Understanding relationship with  different decision makers

Decision making unit exercises

Plasticising speaking to different members of the decision making unit

Focusing on what questions will reveal decision making influencers

The Decision Making Process (DMP)

Mapping the decision making process

Understanding customer’s decision making processes

Getting customers to map their own decision making process

Mapping DMP Exercise 

Action Planning & Commitments 

Program Schedule

Day Two

Welcome Back

Qualification Criteria

Recapping decision making units (DMU)

Recapping decision making processes (DMP)

Recap graphical mapping of DMU

Recap fishbone diagram for DMP

Introduce key decision making criteria (DMC)

Using the qualification criteria worksheets

Client Strategy

Recap client strategy

Understand the importance of client strategy and big picture deals

Develop delegates ability to probe client strategy

Understanding the Market Place

Using Porters Five Forces Model

Strength of existing competition

Barriers to entry


Power of buyers and suppliers

Understanding the Customers Portfolio

Team Skills in Big Picture Deals

Understanding the strengths of your teams

Analysing the weaknesses

Building stronger teams

Compensating for personal weaknesses

Knowledge and Competitive Advantage

Importance of knowledge in big picture deals

Dealing with Procurement

Tips for dealing with procurement

The importance of anticipating procurement involvement

Discussion on procurement in big picture deals

Action Planning & Commitments 

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