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How well do you plan your sales activity, could it be better?

Are you able to unearth objections or dissatisfaction with your questions?

Do you know how your actions & behaviour impact others, and effect sales?

Target Group

If you are responsible for achieving and exceeding sales targets, then this Program has been designed for you. We examine the interpersonal communication skills of excellent sales people, and share the mind-set, skill-set and tools used by high performers.


Like all DOOR Trainings,


The relationship between sales, marketing & key account management
Planning Approaches

Precision Questions
Handling Objections
Diversity in Sales

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1. Understand how sales, marketing and key account management fit together

2. Recognise that planning your approach is essential

3. Unearth dissatisfaction by using advanced questioning techniques

4. Recognise how service is becoming the differentiator

5. Handle objections and reluctance to commit

6. Sell to different types of customer using interpersonal skills and body language

to your advantage

7. Use powerful closing and commitment techniques


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Welcome & Introduction

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Your Role

Sales, Marketing & Key Accounts

Key Competencies

Skills Gaps

Sales Planning

Your Strategies

Your Tactics

Your Plans

Precision Questioning  & Listening

DOOR Questioning Model

Listening Skills

Knowledge Harvesting

Action Planning & Commitments

Day Two

Welcome Back & Review

Words That Change Minds

Meta Programs

Work Traits

Motivational Language

Interpersonal Skills

Physiology of Effective Sales People

Building Rapport

Valuing Differences

Handling Objections

We Both Want The Same Thing

DOOR Handling Objections Model

Your Choices

Closing the Sale

Convergent Thinking & Behaviour

Sales Ecology

Agreement & Sign-Off

Action Planning & Commitments

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