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Negotiation Skills

Σκοπός Σεμιναρίου

After attending this course you will:

  • Have a detailed understanding of your strengths & weaknesses in the context of commercial negotiations – preventing your counterparty from taking advantage of them in negotiations.

  • Be able to implement the most appropriate negotiation strategy for every single deal.

  • Be able to focus negotiation on interests rather than positions – creating a platform for sustainable and mutually satisfactory relationships.

  • Be able to use different negotiation tactics and techniques – which will enhance your deal making ability when negotiating from a position of weakness and against manipulative counterparties.

  • Prepare effectively for both complex and simple negotiations – by analysing relationship and task related objectives and activities.

  • Know how to prepare for and engage in cross cultural business negotiations.

  • More effectively manage negotiation obstacles like: impasses and deadlocks, difficult counterparties etc.

Το σεμινάριο Απευθύνεται

This course is aimed at a general audience. It will empower those with a beginner to intermediate level of experience with the 3 dimensional view that is required to excel in the world of business. Delegates will leave the course with the ability to avoid the pitfalls & setbacks associated with bad or flawed agreements & relationships. Delegates will learn how their preferences, competencies & behaviours directly influence their negotiated outcomes.

Διάρκεια Σεμιναρίου

Το σεμινάριο διαρκεί 16 ώρες 

Προϋποθέσεις Συμμετοχής στο Σεμινάριο

Η συμμετοχή στο σεμινάριο προϋποθέτει επαγγελματική εμπειρία. 

Συνοπτικό Πρόγραμμα Σεμιναρίου 

Day One

  • Understanding my negotiation preferences and the impact on my negotiation performance.

  • An introduction into the physiological functioning of our brains and the resultant impact on our preferences in the context of communications in general and business negotiation specifically.

  • Delegates complete an online survey ( -20 minutes) prior to the course.

  • Delegates receive an individual 5 page report outlining their preferences.

  • Business Negotiation Principles

  • What is business negotiation?

  • Discerning between haggling & negotiation.

  • When should we negotiate?

  • Creating value or claiming value?

  • Art or science?

  • Understanding & analysing your counterparty

  • What drives the behaviour of your counterparty?

  • How can you best understand & meet the needs of your counterparties?

  • Best Practice Negotiation Tactics and Techniques

  • Positive tactics.

  • Negative tactics.

Day Two

  • Best Practice Negotiation Preparation.

  • Negotiating from a position of weakness – what can be done?

  • How do I deal with difficult people?

  • Business Negotiation Climate

  • How to build trust, credibility & long term relationships.

  • Using a framework to prepare for cross cultural business negotiation.

  • Videotaped Negotiation Simulation

  • Delegates are filmed whilst applying the principles learned

  • Each participant receives individual feedback on their negotiation skills (in a group forum).

All concepts, principles & tools are taught using cutting edge negotiation skills teaching methods making use of several media including exercises, simulations, case studies, video and video – recorded negotiation simulations.

Μεθοδολογία Υλοποίησης Σεμιναρίου & Οπτικοακουστικά Μέσα

Πριν την έναρξη του προγράμματος ειδικά ερωτηματολόγια ανάλυσης αναγκών αποστέλλονται σε όλους τους υποψήφιους συμμετέχοντες προκειμένου να γίνει η καταγραφή των εξής στοιχείων:

  • Ακαδημαϊκό Υπόβαθρο

  • Επαγγελματική Εμπειρία στην προηγούμενη καριέρα

  • Τρέχουσα θέση στην Επιχείρηση

  • Προσδοκίες που επιθυμείτε να καλύψει το σεμινάριο

  • Άλλες παρατηρήσεις σχετικά με την υλοποίηση του Σεμιναρίου

Έντυπο Υλικό

  • Σημειώσεις Εισηγητή

    Negotiation Skills2

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