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Stimulating, motivating, result-focused, flexible, decisive… As a manager you have to be an all-rounder. It is your job to stimulate your employees to perform (even) better. In addition to thorough know-how, this also requires some additional skills that enable you to get the best out of people.

During this training course, you will become familiar with the various techniques and skills you need to increase your management abilities. The objective is to make you a more effective manager. You will develop from a professional manager to a stimulating, enterprising and winning team leader.


The training course consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction and practical exercises. You will receive the video recordings of your own performance at the end of the course.


What is a people-oriented approach?

Recognizing behavior in others

How do you come across?

What is your role as a manager?

Which management skills are important?

What leadership styles suit you best?

Setting realistic objectives

The strengths of your team

Assessing your staff

The effects of complimenting your staff

Conducting coaching and assessment interviews

Important factors in selecting a winning team

Things every job description should contain

Stimulating internal customers

What do you want?

Dealing with rational and emotional behavior

Capitalizing on verbal and non-verbal behavior

Internal and external communication

Getting the message across

Presenting your ideas and plans (internally)

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Reinforce your exemplary role as a manager
2.Achieve better results by paying more attention to the people in your organization
3.Communicate more clearly and directly internally

4.Distinguish rational behavior from emotional behavior and act accordingly


Four-day interval training (twice, two days), preceded by an intake day (5 days in total). Optional: this course can also be delivered in three consecutive days. 

Program Schedule

Intake Day

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change

Management is Self Management

A good manager has good self-knowledge

Aspects relevant to you as a manager

Which roles do you fulfil?

What are your strong points, and points for improvement?

How do others perceive you?

Self assessment

Self assessment test Management roles (15 minutes)

Individual SWOT analysis (15 minutes)

Communication: doodles

DRS test 73 questions + developing diagrams


Taking stock of personal learning objectives

Taking stock of personal practice needs (which concrete situations would you like to practice during the training course

Miscellaneous: What else do you expect/would you like to focus on?

Homework assignment

Personal Action Planning

Program Schedule

Day One

Review of Intake Day

Results from Homework Assignment

What is the outcome of the discussions?

Any peculiarities since the intake day?

Repeat ultimate goal

What Unites Leaders?

Vision Unites Leaders

What does it take to be a Leader?

What does it take to be a Manager?

Looking at your Own Position


Formulate your Vision 

Working with Targets

A vision says: What are you aiming to achieve?

The Role of the Manager

Explanation of the Different Roles

The Double Quadrant

Summary of Day 1 and Homework Assignment

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Review of Day One

Results from Homework Assignment

Managing involves working with people

Explanation of DRS circle

Make the strong one stronger


Window of behaviour


The Salary Review Committee

Summary of Day 2 and Homework Assignment

Personal Action Planning

Program Schedule

Day Three

Review of Day Two

Results from Homework Assignment

Help the Employee Find a Solution

Formulating the Message

Adjustment Interview:

Getting the Message Across

Summary of Day 3 and Homework Assignment

Personal Action Planning

Day Four

Review of Day Three

Results from Homework Assignment

Performance Appraisal Interviews

Practical Situation Appraisals

What am I going to do tomorrow?


Summary of Day 4

Personal Action Planning

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