Teams are probably the most common way of working nowadays. Whether they are virtual or collocated; large or small they are out there. Teams provide something that is larger than the combination of individuals. They allow each one of their members to use their strengths to the fullest while minimizing their weaknesses. The question in the modern organization is not how do I create a team, but rather how do I create a successful productive team, and furthermore how do I maintain such a team so it performs optimally for the duration of its existence. For managers, teams present a unique set of challenges, for creating a great team means more than creating a group of individuals that are centered on a goal. It means creating an experience. This training will provide managers with the knowledge and tools to create a team that realizes its vision to the fullest.  


Like all DOOR training programs, “Leading a Winning Team” is a very interactive training program. The training is modular and provides you with the latest tools which will help you to perform your job with the utmost skill.


Experiencing effective team work and Recognizing the parameters of effective teams

Analyzing team membership

Addressing the team as an entity and not as a group of people

Analyzing a leader's position in a team

Exploring conflict management in teams

Team motivation

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Experiencing effective team work
2.Recognizing the parameters of effective teams
3.Addressing individual needs within the team
4.Analyzing team membership and the leader’s position in the team
5.Recognizing team roles
6.Conflict management in teams
7.Creating engagement through identity
8.Utilizing engagement tools

9.Building a team vision


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change

When Team Work Works

The Tower Of Babylon

Characteristics of Effective Teams

The Right Staff – Choosing Team Members

Who's in?

Belbin Team Roles

What is Engagement?

Waking People Up

How to Create Engagement

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

Imagining My Team

See it as it happens

Leadership in a Team

Leading the team

The manager's dilemma

Managing Teams Through Conflict

Conflict in teams

Conflict Management Styles

Building Teams With Motivation

Motivating in teams

Motivating through understanding

Personal Action Planning

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