Do you need to make good, balanced decisions?

Often faced with conflicting information, in challenging situations?

How important is it for you to consider the consequences of your decisions?


Integrative Thinker decides and takes action by applying intuition, experience, and judgment to the data available. Demonstrates ability to assimilate various and conflicting information or opinions into a well considered decision. Understands the implications of individual actions or recommendations on other systems, markets, processes, and functions.


  • Connect experiences, observations and seemingly unrelated bits of information to see patterns and draw conclusions not readily apparent to others
  • Use information, judgment and logic to understand a problem or situation and assess carefully before acting
  • Be able to identify and address the major and critical issues in a complex situation
  • Give appropriate weight and balance to different pieces of information
  • Identify the part of the business value chain that is affected by a particular decision or action, diagnose the situation, and prioritize what needs to be done and who needs to be involved
  • Think strategically and critically analyze details; think on multiple levels while gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing globally relevant data
  • Balance two seemingly conflicting goals and do well at both


This Program focuses on the leaders ability to think strategically and  critically about the challenges they face, and to analyse situations before making decisions and setting clear goals. The training is experiential, with theory, input and insights, sharing best practice supported by group discussions, role plays, reflection and practical action planning sessions.


Key topics covered during this training include:

Situational Analysis

Problem Solving

Determining Your Approach

Creative Thinking

Decision Making


Two Days

Training Objectives

At the end of the Program you will be able to:

1.Complete effective situational analysis.
2.Detect patterns of behaviour that impact results.
3.Determine the approach to change.
4.Surface and manage resistance to the ideas and decisions being raised.
5.Use effective decision making rational.
6.Balance seemingly opposing priorities.

7.Use balanced problem solving techniques

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome 

Program Objectives 

Personal Objectives (Pre-work) 

The Integrative Thinker 

Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis Model

Cause & Effect

Process Mapping

Problem Analysis

What’s The Problem?

Route Cause

Defining The Real Problem

Determining The Change  Approach

Compliance or Transition

The Nature of Resistance

Managing Change

Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Day Two

Creative Thinking

Mind Mapping Techniques

Thinking Processes

Analytical Tools

Problem – Opportunity Analysis

What Could Go Wrong?

Proactively Deal With Potential Problems

Contingency Planning

Decision Making

The Purpose

Options & Risks

Making The Decision

Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action

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