A lot of attention is devoted in management programs to “doing things right” – training managers to become more efficient. However, efficiency is only one piece of the puzzle. Rarely do managers take the time to reflect on their actions. The DOOR InsideOut Effective Leadership is a “timeout” from this autopilot. Managers must learn how to be effective; they must learn how to produce the most results for their organizations. In most cases, managers are appointed because they are the carriers of knowledge in their organizations. This does not necessarily make them effective managers. We assert that in order to be effective – as well as efficient – managers must first of all have a good sense of who they are, and an understanding of where their time, talent, knowledge, skills and personal strengths are best invested. This transformation cannot occur in a day. It takes courage and diligence to conduct such introspection. This is what this DOOR training program is about.


Through professional interviews to determine suitability for the program, the trainer will look at how you already work, e.g. interpersonal and communication skills, and will then assess what you do well, what limits your effectiveness, and what needs to change. From this objective standpoint, you and the trainer will create and implement a strategy to change the way you work. Each participant will be assigned a trainee from the program. Participants become both trainers and trainees.


Reflection: fluent, expressive, nonjudgmental daily writing

Observation: evaluating one’s writing and drawing conclusions

Implementation: taking the necessary action to become more effective

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Give managers and leaders a good sense of who they are, a deep understanding of their environment – and to support them if taking the effective route to achieve best results .

2.It is the combination and flow of internal (within the self) and external (the environment) management that create effective management.


1 - 5 days

Program Schedule

Day One

Identify our managerial style.

Understand the components of our managerial styles – and the costs and payoffs of each component.

Distinguish the differences between efficiency and effectiveness and understand how they interact together in the work of the manager.

Set individual goals and build work plans for each participant.

Day Two

Map participants’ organizational environment.

Compare between participants’ personal and organizational values.

Start experiencing a shift in paradigm in participants’ perception of their organizational environment.

Translate the changes participants would like to see in their organizational environment into a concrete action plan.

Day Three

Identify participants’ personal communication style.

Understand some of the ways in which perception distorts reality.

Examine how misperception can lead to miscommunication.

Understand and make use of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Study different managerial communication styles.

Provide tools for sharpening perception.

Assess managerial styles and organizational environment.

Provide tools for effective communication.

Day Four

Develop and practice new methods of problem solving.

Learn new ways of analyzing problems.

Learn to use mind maps in solving problems and making decisions.

Become aware and learn to avoid ineffective management.

Recognize and break through inner barriers when making decisions.

Day Five

Learn effective coaching skills.

Link between coaching and getting results.

Simulate coaching sessions and learn about time management.

Prepare for the 5 weeks of individual reflective writing.

Wrap up and say farewell.

Personal Action Planning

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