Do all leaders require followers?

Do all leaders need to be expert followers?

Do followers reflect their leaders?


Fosters Teamwork and Diversity defines success in terms of the whole team. Employees must understand and capitalize on the fact that company’s workforce is composed of individuals who represent a great diversity of values, opinions, backgrounds, cultures, and goals. Recognizes

diversity as an important value and develops diverse teams. Effective team leaders not only meet the expectations of their role as leaders, but they also set and meet the expectations for team members.

Expectations for Leaders

  • Solicit all facts and opinions from team members, and create an open, constructive environment for sharing data
  • Make a decision and communicate to team members why certain facts or opinions prevailed over others; understand that consensus is not always required for good decision making
  • Ensure the team acts on the decision


This course focuses on leaders who want to influence their teams by setting and meeting expectations. This is enhanced by leveraging the diversity of individuals and teams in the organisation. The training is experiential, with theory, input and insights, sharing best practice supported by group discussions, role plays, reflection and practical action planning sessions.


Key topics covered during this training include:

Defining Followership

Consensus & Collaboration

The Qualities of Great Followers:

  • Character & Competence
  • Focus & Self- Management
  • Passion & Commitment
  • Courage & Consideration


One day

Training Objectives

At the end of the Program you will be able to:

1.Creatively collaborate with members of their team.
2.Develop an environment of trust and integrity in relationships.
3.Understand the role of consensus in quality decision making.
4.Enhance team execution of top priorities.
5.Understand the Leadership - Followership paradigm.
6.Identify opportunities for synergy within their teams.

7.Prioritise action for themselves and their teams.

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives 

Personal Objectives (Pre-work) 

Followership Is Leadership 


Principles of Followership

4 Qualities

Collaboration & Consensus

Character & Competence

The Principles Of Trust

High Trust Behaviours

Influencing with Integrity

Focus & Self- Management

Personal Vision

Goal Setting & Execution


Passion & Commitment


Personal Alignment


Courage & Consideration

Critical Thinking

The Balancing Act

A Move to Contribution

Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action

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