Do you have responsibility for leading, or leading within, your organisation?

Are your people achieving their potential?

What would an increase in your teams motivation mean to you?

Leadership Impact means thinking like a leader regardless of your job, delivering on commitments, and being a role model for others. All leaders demonstrate passion for their work, process & performance and care about the people in the organisation.


This course focuses on the role of a leader. Management guru Peter Drucker suggests “we manage things, and lead people ” which reflects the essence of this training. Leaders need to be flexible, to meet the different challenges in different situations, involving different people. This training is experiential, with theory, input and insights, sharing best practice supported by group discussions, role plays, reflection and practical action planning sessions.


The Seven Questions Model

Performance Management

Managing Expectations


The Power of Delegation

Training Objectives

At the end of the Program you will be able to:

1.Identify and communicate your purpose, values and the top goals of the organisation.
2.Clarify performance expectations with their people.
3.Identify the competency requirements and capabilities of your people.
4.Clarify the key measures of performance.
5.Encourage and increase the confidence for your team.
6.Gauge and improve levels of commitment & accountability in your team.

7.Develop reinforcement strategies to motivate people.

Program Schedule

Day One 

Introduction & Welcome 

Program Objectives 

Personal Objectives (Pre-work) 

Management Versus Leadership

The Seven Questions Model

The Importance of

Purpose, Values & Goals

Top Goals

Personal, Team & Organisation

Developing Followership

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Competence & Capability

Logical Levels of Performance

Identifying Competencies

Development Plans

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Clarifying Performance Expectations

Identifying Expectations

Performance Management

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Measuring Performance

Lead, Lag & In-Time Measures

Building Measures


Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action  

Day Two 

Welcome Back…

Review Day One

Confidence & Trust

Building Confidence

Creating Ownership

Developing Trust

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Commitment & Accountability

Gauging Commitment

Developing Commitment

Developing Accountability

Reflection, Discussion, Action


Identifying Motivators

Reinforcement Strategies

Levels of Empowerment

Reflection, Discussion, Action

The Power of Delegation

The Opportunity

Levels of Initiative

Delegation Tools

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action  

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