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Some people believe that management is a profession that’s partly an art and partly a science."

A “managerial worldview” is internalized via research and learning processes, providing the bricks for building a role perception, by analyzing characteristics of the managerial role and the frameworks in which the manager operates, and by organizing and practicing the skills and tools managers use in performing their roles.

Professional management is the outcome of integrating relevant knowledge-bases and using intuition as well as managerial tools effectively, in integrative organizational work.


This training is designed especially for managers who wish to enhance their professional capability in constructing and implementing business plans. Top acquired skills for managers include the ability to perform accurate business analysis, set goals for development, turn them into viable business plans, implement the plans and monitor the change using suitable KPIs. This program is a notch up in your qualification as a manager within your company. Reliable business and resource planning is the cornerstone to any managerial activity and is an essential part of your tasks within your organization. This training program will ensure that you know all there is to know in order to remain aligned with organizational objectives and have your plans viewed and approved.


Perform business analysis

Target and plan development strategies and Develop effective business plans

Use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Ensure alignment to key organizational objectives

Monitor and control business plan activities (incl. resources, cash flow, operations)

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Identify and analyze different business perspectives that make up an organization
2.Develop business plans covering various organizational aspects
3.Get business plans and budgets reviewed and approved
4.Monitor and control business plan activities
5.Raise the level of business performance


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change


What is a Metric?

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

MBO – Management by Objectives

Management by Objectives

“Fundamental Concepts”

Central Concepts in Management by Objectives

“Recommendations” for the ‘Correct’ Definition of Objectives

Defining Objectives according to the SMART Model

Business and Resource Planning

The Numbers Game

Stages in Building an Effective Business and Resource Plan

Constructing a Business and Resource Plan

Personal Action Planning

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