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The butler inside me is a training program developed by DOOR Training & Consulting. This program equips the employees (mostly front line) with the knowledge and tools to deliver outstanding service with the same keen and comprehensive attention to detail that is the definition of the quintessential butler. 

How you will benefit

  • Deliver better and personalized customer service
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Lift customer service to the next level (got the extra inch)

What is the Customer Service Through a Butler’s Eye© training program?

  • It is about giving your employees the knowledge and tools to provide exceptional customer service, to give them confidence to succeed in building an attentive and genuine rapport with their customers.
  • It is about getting your employees to understand the service-oriented butler mindset so that they will attend to customers in the same dedicated manner of  a butler.
  • It is about getting your employees to actively listen to the customer so that they can:
  1. Put the customer at ease
  2. Listen effectively to what the customer is saying
  3. Communicate clearly with the customer
  4. Make the customer feel respected during each and every transaction

In short, “The butler inside me” enhances customer experience at each and every point of contact with front-line employees.  

Training Topics

The butler inside me

  • By acting as a butler and employee services customers like trusted personal assistants
  • The extra inch needed by all staff in order to uncover the butler inside themselves and offer personalized service

Personalized Service Excellence

  • Butler and guest’s arrival
  • Finding ways to connect with each and every guest to showcase ALASIA’s personalized service
  • Some ideas:
    • offering to unpack luggage,
    • complimentary pressing of clothes,
    • providing a private hotel tour,
    • handling check-in comfortably,
    • making all dinner reservations,
    • arranging tour bookings,
    • serving lunch on the pool
    • pre-arrival “butler” service for guests
    • etc.
    • Ideas on how to become a “butler” at your job:
    • Following the Standards Of Procedure (S.O.P)
    • Concierge
    • Backoffice
    • Frontoffice
    • F&B
    • Maintenance
    • Rooms divisions
    • Action Plan
    • Individual action plan
    • What you can do in order to uncover the “butler” inside you
    • Group action plan

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