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The telephone can act as a critical sales tool for increasing sales among existing customers and for effectively selling to prospects. It serves as a solution for your tight schedule, which is stretched even more by travelling times and inevitable traffic jams. Good selling is also the painstaking adaptation of the cost/benefit analysis to every medium. Ensure that you are well prepared. Selling over the phone is more than just making a quick call. It is also different from other telemarketing activities. During this training course you will discover how to convince the other party to make an appointment or place an (additional) order without the added benefit of non-verbal communication. How do you “close that deal”. You will also learn to use the TEN CC principles to expand your customer base in a systematic manner.


The training course consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction and practical exercises. You will receive the video recordings of your own performance at the end of the course. An important part of this training course is making live calls, contacting real prospects and customers.


What names and addresses are available to you?

How do you turn addresses into suspects, into prospects and then into customers?

How can TEN CC be your starting point?

How do you make appointments with prospects?

What ‘hook’ can you hang your conversations on?

How do you generate interest over the telephone?

How do you overcome the initial resistance?

How do you position your argument in a customer-oriented way?

How do you present your price that invites a sale?

How do you best react to purchasing signals?

How do you say goodbye in a positive way?

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

  1. Work effectively with a telephone script
  2. Successfully complete a two-tiered telesales call
  3. Overcome the common ten objections over the telephone
  4. Successfully perform all telephone-related TEN CC steps

Duration: Two Days

Programme Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Programme Objectives

Personal Objectives

Who are your Prospective Customers?

Turning Addresses into Suspects

How the TEN CC Principle can Serve

as a Starting Point

Making Appointments with Prospects

What you can use as a Stepping Stone

for your Calls

Arousing Interest over the Telephone

Overcoming the Secretary's Objections

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

Selling more in two steps

Objections for which you should have an immediate answer

Customer-focused reasoning

Stating your price in an expressive manner

Responding to buying signals

Ending the call on a positive note

Which follow-up activities result in increased sales?

Personal Action Planning


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