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Call Centers are appearing like mushrooms coming out of the ground. No organization can do without one anymore. Rapid communication, elimination of distance, adding value as an organization is all-important reasons for choosing a Call Center structure. With, as the final goal: to increasing the customers’ satisfaction with the organization and the supplied products and/or services as well as to generating turnover by answering customers who call on the telephone (inbound) or actively calling out (outbound).

As a coach or the one who provides leadership, it is not enough to be a ‘wizard’ at inbound and outbound call handling in order to guide a team. In practice it very often appears that the top person in calling becomes the Call Center Coach. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. But other competencies are required for success from a new coach or anyone in the role as coach.

The primary task of the coach is to steer the team, to stimulate enthusiasm, to lead and to coach. A secondary but critical task is to develop the agents (the Call Center staff) through positive encouragement as well as holding them accountable using constructive criticism. This requires not only sharp observing skills and a passion for the work; the Call Center Coach must possess the skills to carry out his or her tasks and role in a professional way.

 The agents who are coached are often their immediate (ex-)colleagues. Furthermore the Call Center Coach very often has the task of being a ‘working foreman’: on the one hand responsible for the coaching of the team, and on the other hand responsible for his or her own goals. In addition coaches have to deal with pressure from above expecting all goals to be reached and with pressure from below to maintain high morale and motivated agents.


During this highly interactive course various forms of methodology is used including: the latest call center coaching information from the trainer, interactive exercises, collaborative projects, practical exercises in front of the camera and working on one’s own action plan with personal tips and points for attention.


Working from the basis of your vision: where do you want to be with your team in the long term?

What are your aims?

What are the criteria for a TOP Call Center Coach

What state is your SWOT analysis in? What are your learning targets? And what do you want to be coached on in your turn?

How do you recognize your team members’ behavior? And how can you make use of this to the maximum?

As a coach how do you come across to other people?

Carrying out the coaching conversations

On-the-job coaching

How do you present your ideas and (improvement) plans?

How do you create a good working basis in your team?

Who gives you what attention?

Getting a negative message across

Setting up your personal action plan

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

  1. Gain insight into one’s own behavior and the behavior of one’s colleagues
  2. Develop knowledge and experience must be developed in the area of coaching the agents
  3. Carrying out effective and efficient discussions
  4. Stimulate the enthusiasm for customer-oriented and commercial communication
  5. Gain insight is given into colleagues’ rational and emotional motives and how to deal with them
  6. Involve the agents in the determining and carrying out of improvement actions and realizing both individual and group targets (quantitative or qualitative)

Duration: Two Days

Programme Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Programme Objectives

Personal Objectives

Introduction round

Working from a vision

Working with objectives

Criteria of a TOP CC Coach

DRS: How do you perceive others

DRS: How do others perceive you

Interview types and techniques

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

Dealing with rational and emotional reactions

Correcting your agent’s behaviour


Stimulating and motivating your team - creating a basis for change & growth

How to present your ideas internally

Personal Action Planning

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