Companies sell products and services. People in organizations sell their ideas. Effective communication skills are the secret of success when you need to promote your ideas among colleagues, clients and customers. The ability to win people over to your ideas without coercion, using relationship-based, emotionally intelligent persuasion, is the key to making your way in the world of business.


This training program focuses on applying communication techniques that are most effective to your agenda, and on becoming an acute listener to other people's messages. These two skills combined will allow you to apply the principles of effective communication as a systematic, consistent and coherent strategy for putting your ideas across.


Principles of Effective Communication

Perception and Communication

Empathy and Asking the Right Questions

Communication as Interpersonal Transaction

Personal Communication Styles

Models of Communication

Organizational Communication Types

Persuasion Techniques

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Recognize one’s own effective and ineffective patterns of communication.
2.Understand the principles to effective communication.
3.Realize how perception influences communication.

4.Apply persuasion techniques.


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change

Principles of Effective Communication

Collecting All the Colors

Perception and Communication

Perception Affects

The Effect of Perception on Communication

How Do I Manage Perception – The Ladder of Inference

Empathy and Asking the Right Questions

What’s on Your Mind? – Reflecting on Thoughts in the Background

What Does It Mean to Be an Empathetic Listener?

Raising the Effectiveness of Communication by Asking the Right Question at the Right Time

Communication as Interpersonal Transaction

Reacting to Circumstance.

The Transactional Analysis Model.

Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

Communication Styles

What's My Style?


Passive, Assertive, Aggressive

The Pressure Cycle

Color Code to Assertive Behavior

Assertive Communication

Organizational Communication

Organizational culture

Organizational communication

Communicating my organization

The SWOT Analysis Model

Top of The Line Communication Skills – Selling Ideas

Ideas for Sale

The Five Step Model

Personal Action Planning

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