Everyday’s business life covers us with tons of data, that contain low percentages of really truly information. Standard reading techniques are often not good enough to help us to find, understand and memorize all information we need. Technical data, letters, e-mails, plans, meeting minutes, reports, dossiers, different documents... They literally eat our working hours everyday... even at home!

If we could be much quicker, much more focused in reading; if we could find easily what we really need, and know how to organize and memorize it better, we would save much time and energy.


This DOOR training helps managers, executives and other employees to develop high level of reading and memory skills and gives them easy-to-use tools to productively organize their time and information they need. In short, the training will increase your efficiency in many aspects of your job.


How to raise your reading speed by at least 50%

Comprehending texts more effectively

Differentiate important vs. redundant information

Memorize a broader range of ideas.

The brilliant computer called brain – reading and memory Tools

Fundamental Principles of Effective and Flexible Reading

Mnemonics/ Whole-Brain System/ Intellectual Time-management

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Read approximately 50% faster than before, with potential to raise their reading speed over 100 pages per hour in several months of practicing after the training.
2.Increase concentration and understanding in reading.
3.Differentiate important from redundant information, even without detail reading.
4.Dramatically increase their capability of finding particular information in a text.
5.Develop memory and increase the retention of important information.

6.Attend and memorize a broader range of ideas.


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change

The Whole Brain Theory

Reading and Memorizing – The »Edge Processes« of Learning

Reading Mechanism – From Eyes to Brain

Memorizing Mechanism – Travel inside the Brain

Overcoming Mistakes in reading

Problems in Standard Reading System

Discipline your Eyes – Save Time and Energy

Focus your Mind – Use Both Side of Your Brain

3-D Reading

Accelerated Sights – Contraction of Fixations

Horizontal and Vertical Eyes’ Focus

Defocused Reading

Metronome Training

Effective Reading

Increasing Concentration

The Whole Picture – Gestalt Approach

Economy of Reading – »All and Only Principle«

Syntagmatic Reading

Types of Mnemonics


Types of Memory

Memory Principles

Chain Memory Principle

Spatial Memory Principle

Personal Action Planning

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