Do you select the right people?

Do you plan & prepare well for interviews?

Can you gather all the information you need to make a decision?


At a time when talent demand exceeds talent supply, and competition for top talent is fierce, companies are competing for talent today more than ever. Our approach to meeting, assessing, and making decisions about candidates has never been more important.


Defining Your Needs

Roles and Responsibilities

Finding the Best Candidates

Interview Strategies and Practices

Precision Questions

Giving Feedback

Interview Tools & Resources

Training Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to: 

1.Interview and assess candidates for positions according your selection criteria
2.Structure & organize an effective interviews.
3.Prepare and deliver precise questions & answers
4.Create an impressive experience for candidates.
5.Sell the candidate on why your company is a great place to work.
6.Give positive and constructive feedback to successful & unsuccessful candidates

7.Effectively plan, record, summarise and close the interview process.


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Completing a SMART Interview Process

Defining Your Needs

Your Priorities

The Candidates Experience

Completing the Process

Roles and Responsibilities

Your Role as the Interviewer

The Job Role

The Candidates Role

Finding the Best Candidates

Hiring the Best People


Cultural Fit

Interview Strategies and Practices

Criteria Based Interviewing

Behavioral Based Interviewing

Situation / Scenario Based Interviewing

Precision Questions & Answering

Asking Precision Questions

Giving Precision Answers

Listening Effectively

Giving Feedback

Verbally & In-Writing

Interview Tools & Resources

Planning, Capturing & Reporting Tools

Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion & Action

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