This program identifies eight principles necessary for holding any difficult conversation along with these skills, processes and practices for holding REAL conversations. You will learn to hold REAL Conversations that create respect, build relationships, and get results with anyone, on any topic, at any time.

What Frustrates You the Most?

If you can identify the source of your own frustrations, you are well on your way to getting what you really want.

Perhaps you struggle with the following issues:

  • Individual tendency to avoid giving feedback
  • People who seem to be allergic to accountability
  • Narrow-minded workers who are engaged in “silo” thinking
  • Inability to engage in conflict resolution
  • Continuing inefficiency or redundancy of work
  • Physical or psychological safety issues
  • Lack of personal engagement and collaboration
  • Diminished respect and abundant mistrust
  • Training that never produces the desired results.

If these issues and many others plague you or your organization, you need to learn to talk about what matters most!

REAL Talk 2.0:
Creating REAL Conversations for Results

Based on John R. Stoker's best-selling book, Overcoming Fake Talk, this course addresses the dialogue skills that are so critical to individual and organizational results. Now more than ever before, it is crucial that individuals possess the skills to learn, think, problem-solve, and create the solutions that confront today’s organizations, teams, leaders, and decision makers. This course provides four simple skills-the REAL skills-and a process for using them to hold any difficult conversation.

Key Objectives

Many communication skills courses only assist individuals to identify the words or phrases that should be used in holding difficult conversations-they are incomplete in the skills they offer. Our REAL Conversations course is a complete offering of skills, practices, and processes for improving your conversations. You will learn four vital principles to use in every conversation you hold, and four important skills based on these principles:

  • The Awareness Principle is about recognizing the dynamics in conversation and managing them rather than being derailed by dysfunctional behaviors.

  • The Knowledge Principle requires that we learn four conversation skills and the process for using them.

  • The Preparation Principle reinforces the importance of mental preparation rather than “shooting from the hip” and hoping that the conversation will go well.

  • The Reflection Principle helps individuals recognize the conversation styles of others and learn how to match another person's style to increase connection and personal engagement.

  • The Perception Skill is critical in understanding how what we think drives everything we feel, say, and do—which in turn drives our results. Individuals learn to assess and challenge the accuracy of their thinking, which improves problem-solving and decision making.

  • The Expression Skill deals with delivering a message in a way that creates collaboration and contribution rather than resistance and defensiveness.

  • The Discovery Skill is essential learning from, clarifying, and understanding others and their ideas and perspectives.

  • The Connection Skill is about learning to understand the myriad of messages that are sent in an interaction—messages which are usually missed. This principle also helps participants recognize the source of  “hot” or negative emotional reactions and how to defuse them.

The course offers a full-spectrum approach to improving your conversational capacity.

Learning Process

The learning process mixes theory, discussion, REAL play, and personal awareness using video, personal exercise, self-assessment and applicable real-life challenges. In short, the training encompasses multiple modes of learning that allow you to transfer the concepts and skills into practical application.

Who Should Attend?

Any individual—leader, manager, or team member—who is interested in enhancing his or her conversation skills within the realm of personal or professional responsibilities will benefit from the course.

Course Length

2-day or 1-day

Course Overview

Course Details

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