Are you responsible for business projects?

How well are you planning your workload?

Any room for improvement?


This course is designed for people who want to maximise the use of their time in planning and organising their projects and general workload and by helping others do the same. This course in highly participative, with opportunities to address individual and the collective challenges, in a safe and productive environment.


Making Projects Happen

Defining Your Projects

Planning Your Projects

Implementing Your Projects

Evaluating Your Projects

Training Objectives

At the end of this Program you will be able to:

1.Define projects and create project plans, scope of work, and complete work breakdown structures.
2.Apply planning principles to ensure projects & tasks are delivered on-time, on-schedule, on-budget, meeting business & human objectives.
3.Complete risk analysis, manage risks and communicate appropriately.
4.Identify problems and strategies to overcome them.

5.Measure performance against goals and expectations, evaluate and report.


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

What is a Project?

Defining Your Projects

Managing Expectations

Project Team  & Leadership

Defining an Approach

Planning Your Projects

Work Breakdown Structure


Risk Analysis


Personal Action Planning

Day Two

Welcome Back

Implementing Your Projects

Ten Steps Model

Risk Management

Managing Change

Evaluating Your Project



Review & Lessons Learned

Personal Action Planning

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