This invigorating training program helps you to become more socially aware, read social maps and respond to social situations powerfully and effectively. At the heart of any organization are the people who make business goals materialize. Therefore, mastering interpersonal skills is of utmost importance.

•Can you assert yourself?
•Do you read social signals?
•Do others respond to your leadership?

•What is the source of your personal power?


Effective communication is an acquired skill. The course’s practical hands-on attitude will help you achieve your personal goal with noticeable outcomes. The training contains useful techniques and many helpful personal tips on how to improve workplace communications and gain personal power. The training will open with identification of the participant's individual power sources, raising awareness and diagnosing the weak points that should be improved. We will then focus on reinforcing skills for self-presentation: non-verbal communication and body language. The course will also address improved interpersonal communication skills, such as assertiveness and influence without authority, and will provide tips for effective communication.


How to build strategic networks in the company

How to use “assertive behaviour” effectively

Influencing strategies

How to build coalitions

Different Interpersonal Styles and their characteristics

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Describe basic human behaviours that create or subtract credibility
2.Manage and control negative emotions to create personal energy and an influential and assertive behavioural style (improve optimism)
3.Allow participants to see themselves as others see them
4.Enhance the abilities of useful communication
5.Discover how to drive and motivate others

6.Respond more effectively to new situations through greater interpersonal skills


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change


Definition of Credibility

Who is Credible?

What determines Credibility?


Personal Optimism

The Seligman Test

Freedom to Choose

Four things we can do to be more pro-active

Interpersonal Communication

The DRS Circle

Interpersonal Communication

Personal Engagement

Your Motivation

Valuing Difference

The Whole Person

Personal Action Planning

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