This program introduces and overviews the life cycle of employee performance and all the conversations that effective leaders hold, including the annual performance review.

You will learn the dialogue skills and a conversation framework to hold the conversations that will not only help your employees achieve results, but will also increase respect and build relationships.

The way leaders communicate not only increases respect and trust, but alse increases engagement, motivation, and productivity.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Do you struggle with any of the following conversational challenges?

  • Dread for the annual performance review that never seems to go well and creates more hard feelings than productivity.
  • Employees who always seem to be confused about what you expect or just can’t seem to get the work “right.”
  • Maintaining your composure and control—when individuals are up in your face or who are always emotional or defensive.
  • Difficulty in holding constructive feedback conversations about repeated poor performance, excessive tardiness, or inappropriate behavior.
  • Knowing how to provide positive feedback and recognition to those who deserve it.
  • Repeated safety violations because of failure to follow established policy or guidelines.
  • Lacking a simple method for planning and holding any number of difficult conversations.

If these are some of the conversational challenges that keep you from being a more effective leader, then we can help you.

The Managing Performance Program

This program provides core skills to improve one’s dialogue skills in their ability to recognize and suspend one’s thinking, identifying intent, focusing attention, defusing emotional reaction. The course also introduces a conversational framework for creating recipes for the types of conversations that all leaders must hold in the context of the life cycle of employee performance.

Key Course Objectives

This course offers a number of conversational skills essential in managing effective performance.

You can expect this program to provide ample opportunity to learn and practice a number of essential skills to:

  • Identify the leadership skills crucial to individual success.
  • Learn to recognize and defuse emotional reaction and to understand the source of individual frustration.
  • Initiate a conversation in a way that creates respect and increased engagement and builds mutual understanding.
  • Establish clear goals and expectations to increase individual accountability and productivity to improve financial performance.
  • Provide constructive feedback that stimulates change and improves execution that is vital to the organization’s strategy for success.
  • Provide positive feedback to increase motivation and initiative to create a culture of satisfaction and appreciation that impacts retention.
  • Hold a performance review that builds respect and mutual accountability to achieve the goals that the organization has identified as crucial to success.

Learning Process

The learning process involves some lecture, interactive group exercises, personal application and practice of the DialogueWORKS Conversational Recipes that are relevant to each leader’s distinct challenges. Throughout the course each leader also builds a personal action plan to help focus future development.

Who Needs to Attend?

Leaders who are challenged by employees that make excuses, fail to meet deadlines, or blame others for their poor performance. Are you also challenged by individuals who zap your emotional energy and time, who are disrespectful, constantly tardy or absent, or cause conflict among others? Do you have difficulty providing constructive feedback, positive feedback, or holding a satisfying performance review? Perhaps you are challenged in helping others to see the vision and direction of the company and the importance of working together? If you face any of these challenges, then you, your team, or your organization would benefit from this training.

Course Length

2-Day, customizable

Course Overview

Course Details

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