The rapid changes that are taking place in the world have a direct impact on the manner in which organizations are managed. Managers are required to cope with a variety of changes – personal, professional and organizational. This training program is devised to help managers understand the mental and emotional impact of change on themselves and on others. This is an interactive and highly experiential workshop that focuses on building personal and team capabilities for dealing with change. Managers will learn strategies for managing self and others through change processes. These techniques will equip people with the skills to successfully manage people through the emotional aspects of organizational change.


This training course attempts to imitate real-life situations as closely as possible. It presents a practical approach to training and therefore includes leading theories, case studies, simulations, self-study activities, self-assessments and many experiential group activities.


Building managers’ capabilities in handling the emotional aspects of change management

Expanding managers’ knowledge of the impact change has on people

Exploring personal patterns and beliefs in regard to change

Helping managers foresee and overcome challenges in implementing change

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Explain the purpose and impact of effective change management in a personal, professional and organizational context
2.Identify the various types of change that occur in organizations
3.Gain an awareness of typical emotional responses to change
4.Understand your own emotional reaction to change and how this can impact how they manage others through change
5.Recognize that there is often a typical journey through change and learn how to assess where you and your colleagues may be in this cycle
6.Develop strategies to overcome fears, break patterns and remove barriers for effective organizational transformations
7.Set directives to motivate and enable employees to carry out change

8.Create an environment where people are open to, and respond positively to change


One Day

Program Schedule

Day One

Introduction & Welcome

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Leading Change

Leading Change

Visualizing Change

Visualizing the impact of Change – a System's Thinking approach

Change Challenges

Challenging the Change

Changing the challenge

Tell me about it

Reaction to Change

My Autopilot

The emotional phases of accepting Change

Reacting to Change

Dealing With Resistance

Acting Out resistance

Change as an opportunity

Changing points of view

Personal Action Planning

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