The aim of Internal Consultancy is to generate improvement in others, help others become more efficient and reach better business results for the organization. As an Internal Consultant, you draw from your own professional knowledge and experience and use it to guide others. This, however, it is not enough; a good Internal Consultant must master excellent communication skills, be able to develop credibility and trust with the client and apply different consulting approaches to specific situations.


The Internal Consultant has to be able to work mutually with others to generate a ‘tailor-made’ solution suitable for them. The best way to generate positive changes in others is by establishing mutual understanding, personal responsibility and trust. This training program gives you the relevant skills and work processes an Internal Consultant needs.


What is an Internal Consultant? 

The skills of an Internal Consultant

The impacts of Internal Consultancy

Developing rapport

The trust walk exercise / Principles for building trust 

Gaining client engagement 

Information gathering skills


Dealing with resistance

The importance of evaluation for an effective consultation process 

Feedback regarding the consultation process

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Describe the role of the Internal Consultant and the expectation that may be held.
2.Consider and apply the range of tools and techniques that may be useful to a consultant.
3.Use a range of communication skills and techniques to develop rapport, credibility and personal confidence.
4.Develop robust business action plans and help their clients to formulate their own robust plans.
5.Raise level of confidence in gaining entry, diagnosis, questioning and effective change.

6.Develop a personal action plan to develop consulting competencies.


Two Days

Program Schedule

Day One 

Introduction & Welcome

Course Rational and Goals


A Trip to the Museum

What is an Internal Consultant?

The Skills of an Internal Consultant

The Internal Consultancy Model

Gain Entry

Building Trust

Building TRUST with Clients

Gaining Client Engagement


Conditions for Successful Consultation

Defining Objectives for the Process, the SMART Model

Data Gathering

Information Gathering Skills - Active Listening

Questioning Procedure

Information Gathering Tools

Information Gathering Interview

The Ladder of Inference

Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action

Day Two 

Welcome Back…

Review Day One

Data Analysis, Formulating and Presenting Options

Data Analysis

Grouping, Refining and Evaluating Ideas

Selecting Options

Presenting Options to the Client

Dealing with Resistance

Project Lifecycle

Supporting Project Planning

Supporting Project Execution


Feedback Regarding the Consultation Process


Personal Action Planning

Reflection, Discussion, Action

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