Accountability Builder

Accountability Builder®

Accelerate the achievement of desired results by getting accountability right. Based on the classic New York Times bestselling book The Oz Principle, this program delivers award-winning principles and tools used by top companies all over the world to build a culture of positive accountability focused on results.

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A Focus on Results

When it comes to achieving desired results, accountability is the very first element needed in your organization. Embed accountability into your culture, make it your language, and tie it to the results you need. Partners In Leadership has trained thousands of companies and millions of people in over 100 countries on how to do this. Our Accountability Training® and Culture Change services are proven catalysts for achieving results.

What We Investigate

Our pre-workshop leadership call investigates your organization's specific accountability  needs, framed in the context of your desired Key Results. Five interviews are conducted to further understand organizational issues and dynamics, leading to specific prescriptions for the training and a customized workshop experience. These investigative consultations identify Accountability Gaps, evaluate levels of ownership in the organization, and show your leadership team the key areas of focus for accelerating positive accountability and driving employee engagement.

What You Get

A full-day WORKSHOP facilitated by Accountability Builder experts:

  • Clarifying your organization's Key Results™
  • Positive Accountability - what it means and how to get it
  • The Steps to Accountability® model - four simple steps to create accountability for results
  • Working Above the Line®
  • Avoiding The Blame Game
  • Overcoming destructive Below the Line® behavior
  • Identifying your Accountability Gap®
  • Using the 16 Accountability Best Practices
  • Improving performance though feedback
  • Feedback filters and how they affect performance
  • Understanding the Levels of Ownership
  • Having the Own It® Conversation
  • Using the Solve It® question
  • Applying the SOSO® Accountability Tool to close performance gaps jeopardizing your Key Results

Program formats:

A full-day WORKSHOP facilitated by Accountability Builder experts:

  • Full offline live workshop, 4-12 hours
  • Short offline live workshop, 4 hours
  • Online workshop, 8 hours (two 4-hour sessions}
  • Online webinar, up to 1,5 hours

Internal facilitator training:

To operationalize and sustain in the culture change process, we propose a three-year non-exclusive license to use Partners In Leadership's Accountability programs, and the accompanying Trade Secrets and Propriety Materials (per terms and conditions of the final agreement} to train all university employees.
The purpose of the license is to integrate Partners In Leadership's intellectual property (IP}, including their proprietary models, methods and tools for accelerating culture change, in current training and development efforts, as well as existing internal meetings, in reward, recognition and communication systems, coaching models, etc.


  • Significantly reduce implementation costs.
  • Accelerate the delivery and implementation of accountability training throughout the organization.
  • Provide flexibility to customize the training to existing training, e-learning, video training, etc. and to each identified function, location, and level.
  • Create greater ownership and leadership for implementation and integration of accountability throughout your organization.

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