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Selling is the process of transferring the best solution to someone else for an agreed price. It seems so straightforward, but appearances can be deceiving. In reality, the sales process is a complex web of diverging factors. You have to deal with rational and emotional arguments and be able to overcome many “ifs” and “buts”. The customer seeks help by asking the right questions about his/her circumstances, reality, effects and solution possibility (CRES). During this training course you will learn to manage the sales process in a systematic way, right from the initial preparations, through to the after-sales discussions. This means that you will be able to offer your customers the best solutions for their needs. You will learn to think, act, react and anticipate in all conceivable sales situations. With this acquired knowledge and these skills, you will be able to create a situation where everyone wins: the customer, your company – and yourself.


The training course consists of continuous sequences of explanation, interaction and practical exercise. You will receive the video recordings of your own performance at the end of the course.


How should the perfect sales conversation proceed?

Making appointments over the phone

Preparing yourself for a customer-oriented sales conversation

Do’s and don’ts when visiting a customer

The extent to which your own behavior influences that of the customer

Opening a customer-oriented sales conversation

Establishing a customer’s needs by means of active listening and questioning

Emotional and rational buying motives

Translating qualities of your own solution so that it appeals to your customer’s real needs

Presenting the price in a manner that is both smart and successful

Presenting a written proposal to your customer

Recognizing buying signals

Which closing techniques to use on which customers

Objections a sales representative has to overcome

The most customer-oriented form of after-sales

Preparing your own 5x4 action plan

Working with the CRES model to actively involve the customers and make him/her aware of the solutions

Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1.Develop a sales conversation in stages
2.Effectively adapt the approach to each customer or prospective customer
3.Improve the (commercial) impression that you make on others
4.Overcome customer resistance and objections

5.Help the customer to buy more through use of the CRES method


After the enrolment day (intake day), there are three two-day training sessions and a final session at the Personal Development Centre (eight training days in total).

Program Schedule

Welcome & Introduction

Program Objectives

Personal Objectives

Selling is climbing Everest

The steps of the Sales Mountain

Getting to know an existing customer

What is client-orientation?

The correct preparation

The 6 steps of the telephone script

Script: Making appointments over the telephone

Making appointments over the telephone

Dealing with objections on the telephone

The details of the first minute 

The entrance

Communication and behaviour

Recognising different kinds of behaviours

Concisely presenting your company and  yourself in 1-minute

Opening the sales conversation

Asking questions during the opening

Needs analysis

What do you need to know after the needs analysis?

Questioning techniques

Buying motives

What motivates your client?

The Needs Analysis

Program Schedule


Presenting in the diamond structure

The price presentation

What annoys you in letters/quotations from others?

The criteria for your client-oriented quotation 

The client-oriented quotation 

Presenting the quotation

Recognising buying signals

Closing techniques

Closing the Sale

The steps for overcoming objections

Overcoming objections

What objections will you encounter?

Objections Quiz

Follow-up is a precaution

Handling complaints

The client-oriented follow-up conversation

Your 5x4-action plan

The Grande Finale

Action Planning & Commitments 

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