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Twenty four (24) hours

Who should attend

The PSPO course may be interesting to all involved in software development upon the Scrum framework, but has been specifically conceived for those responsible over products from a business and product management perspective and taking up the highly accountable role of Scum Product Owner. 

Training Overview

The mission is to improve the Profession of Software Development.  A part of mission, provides the highest quality Scrum training, including the most advanced training materials and certified Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) to deliver it.  The curriculum and courseware are highly-tuned and standardized.

Course Objectives

-Participants will have a clear understanding of the mechanics of Scrum and how the Product Owner role fits in.

-Participants can act as a Product Owner for Scrum Teams and stakeholders.

-Participants can effectively increase the business agility of their organization

Course Topics

-Agile  Product Management

-Value-Driven Development

-Scrum Principles and Empiricism

-The Scrum Framework

-Product Backlog Management

-Release Management

Course Description

Being a professional Product Owner encompasses more than writing requirements or managing a Product Backlog.

Product Owners need to have a concrete understanding of all product management aspects, including but not limited to product ownership that drives value from their products.

The three days professional Scrum Product Owner course focuses on all of these areas to teach participants how to maximize the value of software products and systems.

PSPO is the cutting-edge course for Product Owners, Agile product managers and anyone responsible for a software product’s success in the market. 

In this course, students will develop and solidify their knowledge of being a Product Owner through instruction and team based exercises.

The breadth of the role’s responsibilities in delivering a successful product will become more clear from an Agile perspective. 

Metrics are identified to track the creation of value and the successful delivery of the product to the marketplace.

The PSPO course is much more than just a set of slides and an instructor.  In this course participants work on real-life cases with other classmates together as a team. 

This course is made up of discussions and hands-on exercises based upon real-life cases.

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