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A unique management development program

In today’s challenging marketplace, the practice of business decision-making is relevant to every employee. There is a high premium on negotiating skills, on the ability to make decisions, and on a clear understanding of the responsibility for, and the consequences of, the choices that are made.


Storewars is a dynamic total business simulation, in which participants run a $600m virtual company, develop the strategies, manage the resources, negotiate and then make the decisions that determine its success. Key lessons are reinforced through continuous coaching and feedback on the impact of strategic and tactical decisions made during the simulation. Additionally, there are breakout lectures and sessions that relate the lessons back to real market issues.

While managing the virtual business, Storewars participants develop an intuitive understanding of the business, its functional elements, and the ways to achieve a strong profitable pos

ition in the market, which is by establishing a win-win cooperation.

duration: 3 days


In each course, 17-30 participants are divided into 5 teams, and take control of virtual retail and manufacturing businesses for 2 simulated years, operating across two markets and in two product categories.
During the 3-day course, the teams compete and interact to ca

pture market share and drive value in their businesses.
The underlying simulation is computer-driven, and replicates the complex interplay between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.
Storewars Business Simulation is built on real-world data and market behavior, and based on a model refined over 10 years.

Learning by doing

Storewars business simulation courses focus on the main aspects of retailer-manufacturer interactions. We provide a risk-free environment for managers to test and implement executive decis


Broad horizons

Storewars allows managers to understand company operations from the top as well as to see the perspectives of the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer.

Experienced guidance

Our courses are conducted and curated by a team of highly experienced industry professionals and top business school professors: a powerful combination of commercial and academic knowledge.

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